Standing fast to your own dreams in the face of others differing opinions

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2020

Today I had a conversation with someone who very politely told me that if I still did ThetaHealing they weren't interested in connecting - they perceived it as superstitious and misleading. 

Many years ago this would have sent me into a tail spin, kept me awake at night and shut me down. 

In fact in the past I did let other peoples comments stop me in my track and reinforce the belief that I was meant to be small, quiet and unseen. 

I remember as a 10 year old saying I wanted to be a pilot or astronaut and being told girls couldn't do that. Without consciously realising it, I internalised that as an inner glass ceiling.  I started to tell myself stories of why I no longer wanted to be a pilot. 

After sharing my desire to travel through the middle east in my early 20's and being told it wasn't safe for single women, I toned my travel desires to "safe" countries. 

After being told at university that you could only follow research that had been empirically validated, I became very sceptical of anything "psychic" or "energetic". 

Looking back on my life it's intriguing that I let myself be so constrained and influenced by these glass ceilings.  (Glass because until we look from a different perspective we see through them and don't realise they are there.)   They were simply someone else's opinion that I absorbed and chose to take in as my limitation - not consciously, but that's what happened. 

When faced with evidence contrary to our "ceilings" it's amazing how we can discard it.   Years ago during a meditation, I was shown how the limbic system works to do this.  I'll assume you understand how the eye takes in information which then travels down the optic nerve to the occipital lobe in the brain.   In this meditation I was shown how our ancestral and collective beliefs alter what information gets to our occipital lobe.  I was shown in cartoon style, ancestors and our collective history, sitting in the limbic system.  (This is part of your brain that processes information and your emotional reaction).  When faced with incoming evidence, they looked at it and decided if it would continue past the limbic system to be processed.  

In one cartoon image I saw a grandma looking at the image of a peaceful happy scene of someone being in a group of people all listening to her and she as feeling really happy. It was as if the scene was on a slide in an old fashioned slide projector. Grandma was saying "no that's not how it happens, you'll relax and forget your lot if you see that".   Then Grandma took the slide out and put a different one in. One where families weren't happy, parents  stressed and the person holding herself back to do what her parents wanted. This got sent to the occipital lobe. Then the body reacted. The adrenals kicked in, the digestive system slowed down and the heart rate picked up. The person who was in the original scene was unaware why, but suddenly got stressed at her family. Her family were confused wondering why she suddenly stressed out when they were having a good time. 

Prior to being shown this image, I had read attempting to answer the question of how to get people with opposite views to come to a collective supportive arrangement (eg global leaders responding to climate change). In this study a fake news article about climate change had been written and submitted to different publications either supporting the notion of human induced climate change or completely disagreeing.  What the research found is that both publications agreed to publish the article saying it supported their viewpoints. 

When I was shown this image in meditation, I could see how both sides were able to change how they were interpreting the information at their limbic system to support their previous beliefs. 

This brought me back to the person today discussing their perceptions of ThetaHealing as superstitious. Now I would like to say that I firmly hold the belief that we are all entitled to our opinions, and I respect this person for having theirs and am well aware this is quite possibly a common belief.

For years when I worked in the hospital setting I disputed "spiritual, non-body" type discussion.  Regardless of many times I had experienced things I couldn't logically explain, I was resistant and fearful of exploring "that side of things".  At a conference I spoke at several years ago, one of the keynote speakers (a surgeon) was sharing his experience of colleagues who were fearful and blocked to the notion that there was more than the physical working in operating theatres. 

As I started to step into my courage to be true to me and my greater "why", I could sense part of the history of the mind body separation in Western Medicine.   I could sense the divide between church and science playing for space in the limbic system.

I listened to a podcast of Joe Dispenza today as he described the various brain waves and the impact these have of our states of consciousness. I smiled as he described how incredible changes in peoples health can occur when people are in these deep brain waves. I smiled to myself - it was like hearing myself teach part of a  theta workshop, Whew.

It's been quite a journey learning to unravel these glass barriers I put in place.   I know that we all have created our own ceilings along the way. And today I was hugely grateful for the ability to stand back and let someone else have their reaction without needing to take meaning from it as a reflection of me. 



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