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Uncategorized May 08, 2018

"Can you send me a reminder of how to do that heart breath meditation thingy? Its so easy to do with you but not so easy to remember when I get home?"

This simple request brought back memories of a physio appointment after I injured my leg. 

See if you can move that way. Yes, now stand on the right foot. Bend, hold it to the count of 10. Good. Now, use this weight and lift your leg. A bit higher...yes that's it.  Excellent. Do these three times a day and you be recovering in no time. See you next week. 


I arranged the next appointment, had a well earned coffee (and read the paper - naturally I had to sit down with a real cup to avoid the single use throw away cup). Finished my tasks in town, got home, cooked dinner, washed the dishes. Then I remembered the physio appointment.

Hmmm. How did that exercise start? What was the 2nd one?

Yup. The old short term memory had been superseded by the rest of the day and I'd forgotten. Needless to say progress at the physio wasn't as good as it could have been, even though the physio was lovely. 

So when I was asked to send out guidelines on how to do the breathe-meditation-into-joy technique I have been showing people in my mentoring groups lately, I understood how useful it can be. And my answer was of course. (I haven't got a catchy name for it yet. Feel free to suggest one). 

Actually I was grateful. Grateful to be reminded of how easy it can be to do something in a session but lose that sense of ease when you get home. Cause trust me - I've been there, done that. 

And grateful for the nudge to share these wonderful nuggets.

So here is the technique I currently use to meditate into my heart space and connect to Infinite Love with Joy.

It takes me anywhere from one to several minutes depending on what is happening when I do it. 

The first time you do it, I recommend giving yourself a few minutes to get used to it and find your rhythm. You will be focusing on your in-breath and out-breath. Stay with me, it really is quick and worth it. 

Sit somewhere comfy. You can do it standing if you prefer. In fact I have done it walking. If you feel inclined to do it in the car I suggest you stop driving to focus on this.

1.   In - breath.  Breathe in and notice where your breath goes. 

Yes, I know it goes into your lungs. But your breath is carried all around your body via your blood stream. Simply notice where your body accepts it.

You will most likely experience different things each time you do this. Maybe you feel your body accept this "breath" down your front and shoulders, or even down your shins. 

Be a willing observer of this, without judgment. In much the same way as you might observe trees on the road side when you are driving - you notice then go past. Practice doing this without judgement. It gets easier if you do.

2.   Out - breath. Breathe out and notice where your breath releases.

As with your in - breathe, this can be from more than just your lungs. You release toxins and waste products from every cell. Your out-breath is one way of releasing these from your body. 

Use your imagination and feel which parts of your body are happily going "here, I no longer need this, thanks for taking it out for me".

3.   In - breath.  Breathe in and notice where your body resists your breath.

You might notice pressure in your head, or a spot in your abdomen that feels tight or blocked. This gives you a hint to issues that might be doing on, or an energy block that you might be able to release later. 

Again, observe without judgment is really helpful here.

4.   Out - breath.  Breathe out and notice where your body resists releasing your breath.

Almost as if your cells are saying "I'm holding onto this right now. Not ready to let that one go".  Remember you are simply noticing what is happening in your body at this moment. Practice non-judgement witnessing.

5.   In - breath.  Breathe in JOY.

Imagine Joy is attached to each molecule of air you breathe. I sometimes imagine this as light dancing bubbles ( just imagine whatever way feels right for you in the moment). Notice where the Joy (and breath) are accepted. You may feel joy move around your body or other feelings coming up. 

To connect with Infinite Love (or Creator) follow the Joy into your heart-space. Imagine you are so tiny (or your heart space so big) that you can move into one cell in your heart. Imagine going into a single atom in this cell. (you might even see or feel electrons whizzing around). Keep going into the nucleus of that atom, into the proton until all you sense is the sparkly light of All That Is - Infinite Love. Enjoy merging into that Love. 

From here you can meditate to your heart's content (no pun intended). Have fun, manifest, create a wonderful day. Allow yourself limitless amazing possibilities.

Let me know your experience with this breathe-meditation-into-Joy. I'm hoping its easier for you to remember than my physio exercises. 

Oh, and if you come up for a name, send me an email with your suggestion.

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