How to be the pilot rather than a passenger in your life.

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2018

"Girls - over here.    Look at this funny picture.  You can do better than this.  She doesn't know up from down".

My Brownie teacher (baby girl guides) grabbed my drawing, told me (and the class) I couldn't draw, and while everyone laughed suggested I didn't belong in Brownies.

To my eight year old self, she demonstrated living in a two-dimensional world.   All the other girls were drawing everything in a line on the bottom of the page.  I was different. 

How she failed to see perspective (height and size) as I drew sheep on a hill was beyond me.   I remember being stunned as I realised not everyone saw the world as I did.   And, that leaders could actually be mean. 

Unwittingly I accepted her belief I couldn't draw, and dropped out soon after.   I let myself do stick drawings to convey messages, but the beautiful art inside of me stayed there rather than come out on paper.

Jump ahead a few years.   An invitation to join Creative Connections - a five week connected art class - with a chance to heal the little Brownie inside.   A few gulps later and I accepted the invitation. 

Great choice.   I loved it.   With a group of wonderful people we meditated, created and shared.   No mean Brownie leaders here.

The class finished on Monday night with the theme of manifesting.   Through my painting I saw that I had been sitting in the passenger seat rather than being the pilot of my creative journey.   Such a powerful analogy for life. 

I woke this morning and wondered where you might be doing the same. 

As a pilot you have a choice - to fly solo or with others, your crew, your back up team, your catering, where you re-fuel, when and where you rest.

You have control - who you train and work with, what you believe, what horizons to expand.

You have support - your maintenance crew and air traffic control with the "big picture" who can guide and direct you.

Much like life.   You have so much choice.   Knowing how to choose with joy, fun, freedom and ease is powerful. 

As a soul being having a human experience you have your own air traffic control.  You soul has the big picture.  You can ask it and your Higher Self for its guidance. 

I invite you to review where you've accepted someone else limitations and beliefs that currently hold you back.  

When memories pop into your head (like your equivalent of my little brownie girl), take time to reflect on what messages you accepted.   It's easier to bring change to them once you consciously recognise the beliefs you have been holding.

Have a look at your "back up team".  Have you surrounded yourself with people who encourage and support you.   Where are you currently motivated by resistance?  ("I'll prove them wrong".   There is nothing "wrong" with this thinking, but it is possible to achieve things in a more loving way).  

Learn new skills to assist you on your journey.   It can make a huge difference to how you adapt to life's constant changes.   I believe investing in yourself is so important.   Whatever your budget for courses, you have an abundance of courses available via Google, YouTube and Facebook.   Give yourself permission to take time and learn. 

Look around for workshops you can attend that can help you on your journey.

I'm grateful the Brownie girl inside me can now fly and keep seeing the world in multi-dimensions.

Maybe its time to give yourself pilot wings and fly.

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