Are you being supported?

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2019

"I'm so busy supporting others at the moment,  I can't cope with any more".

"I just want out."

"What do I have to do to get people to notice me?"

Sound familiar to you?

Over the past few months in my clinic practice, I've seen so many people getting sick, feeling overwhelmed, having relationship or work issues.

When we dig down to the nitty gritty, they have one thing in common. Support. Or to be more accurate, they share common beliefs - that they are unworthy of support and they are learning about support by being unsupported.  

Another common aspect is surprise when this is identified. On a conscious level no-one identified with this belief. Their bodies had  taken these beliefs on subconsciously. 

This has been so  common in my clinical practice and mastermind mentoring groups, I wondered if it might relate to you.

In your body, minerals play a huge part of your support.  Zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron and so on.  All so important to your functioning - bone growth, blood, immune system to name a few. 

Intuitively when being shown these, I witness the minerals sharing a belief as if they are saying:  if you want to learn about support by being unsupported, we'll help you with that. Very generous of them really.

So what I often witness is the digestive system slowing the absorption of minerals. I see people needing increasing doses of medication or supplements (or those that would usually help, being ineffective), getting depressed, anxious, trouble sleeping (the list goes on).

Once  recognised,  a different belief system is invited:  of learning about support by being supported;  knowing what this feels like and is possible;  or (even better)  already knowing what support is, what it feels like to live with and being fully supported on a daily basis with, joyful amazing support.

It's beautiful to witness the way this transforms and the possibilities that can unfold as a result. 

So how can you see if this relates to you?

1. Notice comments you make to yourself and others make to you. This requires deep honesty with yourself. Be gently, kind and courageous with yourself as you do this. You may have been in a pattern of ignoring support and focusing on the times it has felt unavailable. Make a conscious decision to listen to the comments from a deeper perspective. Perhaps ask yourself what is the deeper lesson behind the comments. Such as the learning about support by feeling unsupported comment. Hidden behind that was deep support to achieve goals, just presented in a way that felt less loving. 

2. You can muscle test:

  • "I'm learning about support by being unsupported",
  • "I'm worthy of support",
  • "It's safe to accept support",
  • "I know how to recognise support"
  • "I have Creator of All That Is perspective of support"
  • "I can be supported and still do everything I need to do".

3. You can meditate on this and see what emerges.

Thanks for commenting and letting me know if this resonates with you.

PS: If you are unsure how to muscle test you can check this video to guide you to a basic form of muscle testing.




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