Compassionate Transitions and Endings

Uncategorized Mar 27, 2018

The equinox signals a time of transition. Days lengthen or shorten depending on where you are on this beautiful planet. In New Zealand the autumn equinox means evenings of BBQ dinners and late night beach walks make way for extra layers of clothes and stacking wood for winter fires.


It’s also a time to look at transitions happening in your life.  What is ending to make way for something new? How do you manage this? Now you may have this process sussed. Or like me, you could perhaps consider a new approach to how you transition through those endings and new beginnings.


Think back to a time when something really important to you ended. Maybe a job you loved that helped you grow - to the extent you had outgrown it. It might be moving from schools or town. Or friendships that have come and gone. Reflecting back on it, how did you “get through” the transition?


Some transitions are easy peasy. You can take them in your stride and look forward to what’s next in the adventure of life.


Some can throw you for a six (or out of the park) and can take a while to feel that life is “back on track” (whatever on track is).  You wake in the wee hours with confused, wondering (put your experience in here)  thoughts running through your head.


Well, this summer I was unexpectedly “gifted” an opportunity, (of the “six” variety)  to learn a different way to end things.  It drew on all the skills gathered over the last 30-odd years as a therapist, teacher and mentor. 


As you may have discovered from your tool kit of skills, some of the strategies worked well, others not so much.  Along the way I was reminded that sometimes endings are part of walking with Love.


Luckily for me the Law of Compassionate Endings came to guide and assist - what a difference it makes.  Whew.  It makes a huge difference and helps embrace opportunity with love, compassion and (mostly) joy.


As you go through whatever transitions occur for you this seasonal change, I invite you to embrace Compassionate Endings to assist. It can help you see a more loving version of Truth (rather than the version you create through old belief systems).


So how do you invite Compassionate Endings into your life? 


Here is how I found it easy (at times I would have to say “easy-ish”). I invite you to give these a go.


  1. Breathe.  As deeply and mindfully as you are able.
  2. Connect into a really loving space. I invite Joy in with my in-breath and connect into Infinite Love through my Heartspace.
  3. From this space ask to connect with Compassion and get an understanding of Truth of the situation. (Hint: when I am shown this it is never from a place of judgment of harshness. It is a gentle loving, supportive Truth. If you get a judgmental aspect of Truth, I invite you to go deeper into compassion. It will be so much more loving and easy for yourself.
  4. Get a sense of what you can learn or release (for example to complete an energetic contract with someone, a deeper understanding of a virtue, or to forgive yourself or another).
  5. Invite that understanding, forgiveness and compassion to be part of your cellular form.


I look forward to sharing more in future posts.

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