Feeling stuck in old patterns? Maybe its a hint you're meant to be somewhere else...

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2020
Have you felt nudges to shift, transform into something bigger, different than you have been or known?   You might not know what this looks like as it's more a yearning, knowing.  Yet somehow you feel a pull into a direction to make a difference.
Almost everyone I see in my practice has felt this calling.   A common question I hear associated with this is how do I find and align with my purpose and clear blocks that are holding me back. 
Along with this often comes a question like: I've explored this so often, released so many blocks, changed so many beliefs, yet I still feel like I'm treading water.  Why is this?   What do I need to do? 
Sound familiar? 
There are many aspects to this I could respond to but this would be very long.  (Perhaps you have deeper answers that I - please let me know).    Instead I'm offering you a different way of considering the situation. 
Imagine you've been living in a particular valley, you've done an amazing job, dug deep, created a great garden, know almost every nook and cranny.  You could tell everyone about almost every thing to do with that valley.  But what if you were meant to be in a different valley, or on a different mountain? 
No matter how much you dig, or work that space, or focus on that valley it 
doesn't seem to shift the sense that there's something else.   You wonder why after all that digging and tending and growing, you still have this feeling. 
What if you look up and see that it's not the valley or you.  You're simply meant to be in a different space and the nudges were attempting to let you know that.  If you let yourself explore a whole new way of being you might get a different outcome.
I think we are collectively being invited to recognise that we can be in a different valley or mountain. 
Over the past few years I have been guided to work with Light Codes ( a very basic way of explaining them is possible ways of Being or information codes).  As part of this I've come to see some old established patterns are really holding us back, or keeping us in the old valley.  We are often unaware of them (in a similar way that we don't really see the air we breathe.  It's there all right, we just don't see it.)
Sometimes these repeating patterns are our invitation to start looking up and seeing different possibilities or accessing different light code possibilities.
Maybe the issue with your boss could be to help you see that you have given your power away. That you have been in the "valley" where the atmosphere was one of only a few have power.  What if you decided to change that and recognise that you have Unconditional Love flowing through every molecule of your being. 
Yesterday I had a session with someone who was struggling with whether to accept an abundant offer.  She felt really stuck.  As we explored where she had given her power away, she recognised that all her life she had felt unwanted, a nuisance and unloved.   When she let herself expand with Unconditional Love, she could instantly feel that she is and has always been deeply loved.   She could see that she had taken on the belief of being unlovable and a nuisance from someone else. She had been living her life through that person's lenses and belief systems  so to speak.  
She decided to release that and effectively stepped out of the valley and onto a mountain.   Today she called to say it felt like her life had changed.   She had more energy, had a different connection to her body and looked forward to accepting the abundant offer and moving in a different direction with her life. 
So next time you feel that you are repeating patterns, ask yourself:
  • what have you been seeing through rather than seeing.  
  • And what new patterns or places could you go that are better?  
  • Maybe rather than dig deep and ask what is wrong with you, ask what are you meant to be learning.  
  • Maybe its that theres a life line to hold onto, ready and waiting to transport you out of the valley.

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