How deeply do you let yourself feel gratitude?

Uncategorized Jan 16, 2020

I love the delicious feeling that comes when I wake grateful to be where I am,  grateful for my life.  The feeling of being grateful for all I'm learning and yet to discover.  And for you reading this.

I'm super grateful for the researchers showing the power and impact of gratitude, and that I'm here at this time. 

Today I wondered about the layers of feeling and expressing gratitude.   Like the childhood instruction to say thank you when we are given something.  It can range from conditioning with little meaning to conveying incredible gratitude and love.

Sometimes I see the impact expressing gratitude has.  Recently I was meeting someone at a cafe.  When their drink arrived this person carried on talking,  giving no recognition that the coffee had been delivered.  The waitress stared for a moment and went back to the coffee machine.  If felt weird to me.

When my coffee arrived I thanked the waitress and was greeted with a beautiful smile that filled me with joy.  When I tasted my coffee I paused, noticed the effect of it in my mouth, appreciated the feeling of delight.   It was as if I could feel the love and care of the person making it, and it felt good.

It reminded me of an experiment I did for myself a few years ago. 

I was aware that I had fallen into the habit of eating my meals on the go and then soon after feeling hungry again.  I knew I had physically eaten enough so wondered what was going on.

I decided to play around with presence.  Being present and grateful when I ate.  The first thing that stuck me was how little I needed to eat before I felt full.  

You might like to experiment with what I did as I ate a carrot. 

I started by breathing, imagining Light coming in with each breath, spreading and expanding through me, then extending to the carrot.  I thanked it for its life (being aware that it had been a living being until it was harvested).  I thanked it for the way it had absorbed light, nutrients and water as it grew.  I thanked it for the wisdom it was sharing.  As I bit into it, I really became present to the taste,  texture,  nutrients.  I could "hear" communication between my body and the carrot,  could sense my body responding with it's various systems from saliva to digestive enzymes.   I became really curious to these responses and grateful to the amazing systems within me.   I was grateful for my teeth as I chewed tasting sweetness and earthiness. 

Quite honestly I don't think I'd ever taken this much time to be present when I ate.  I felt so peaceful and nourished.

After this I started to notice a difference when I ate food that was highly processed.  My body communicated with it differently.  It didn't feel as alive.  I'm aware from a molecular perspective it's molecules and energy.  Yet the aliveness, vitality I felt from the carrot was missing.

With the same presence (breathing in Light and expanding) I played with inviting the food to remember its origin.  I could feel it being taken back to remember itself growing, feeling the soil, sun and wind.  Then I noticed the vitality starting to return.  And my body change in response.

It felt very different to the usual thank you.  More gratifying, connected and alive.  

It's something I intend to do more of.  

As I'm writing this I'm feeling an invitation to do this exercise with people I interact with.  Obviously not to eat them,  but to take time to really be present.  Really notice their energy, what is going on around them.   Invite them to feel back to their origin, Absolute Love, and see if it changes their vitality.  

Imagine if giving people more vitality could be as simple as it was with processed food.

Now that sounds like a lovely experiment.

Much Love to you



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