How ignoring the nudges lead to a walk home

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2020

How many times does it take of ignoring the whispered knowings to realise the importance of listening?

Quite a few it seems.

Last night my 16 year old and I decided we'd go for an early bike ride to stretch our legs following our overnight tramp.  Bike up the hills, enjoy the view, have a cuppa half way.  Well more precisely I needed the stretch and my son was keen to come. 

I woke this morning with a lingering feeling about a puncture. 

Now normally this would cue me.   A bit like Neo in the matrix when he see's a glitch with the cat.   Pay attention.   What's the message here?   What could I be doing differently?  What do I need to do to get a better outcome?

But for some reason today I wasn't concentrating on the wisdom floating towards me.  

"Hmm, must find my puncture repair kit - haven't unpacked it since moving"  I thought to myself.   I even went so far as to mention to my son that I needed to check my puncture repair skills  (my record so far is 100%.  !00% re-puncturing the inner tube as it goes back on the wheel.)  

Perhaps remembering this frustration was what side tracked me. 

Whatever it was,  I happily hoped on my bike,  sunscreen applied,  water bladder on my back and off we went.   All bike tools left somewhere in a yet-to-be-unpacked-box in the garage.

Three hours later and 2.4 km from home - you guessed it.  I got a puncture.   No idea how.  Nothing on the road to cause it that either of us could see.   But there it was.   All the dream and floating hints came flooding back.   Luckily it was a lovely day for a walk as well as a bike ride.

Several take home messages here.

1.   Listen to the nudges.  

I first learned this years ago when sitting outside in the sun.  I heard a whisper in my ear "bring in your washing".   Working as a clinical psychologist back then,  it wasn't the done thing to admit to hearing voices.   So I did the next best thing:  - looked around me, saw no-one,  saw a completely blue sky with zero clouds and carried on drinking my coffee.  

Two minutes later ... "Bring your washing in"  whispered the gentle yet persistent voice.   Feeling decidedly strange I stood up,  looked around.   Definitely no-one there and definitely a blue sky.  Then out of the blue, before I finished my coffee it rained.   A downpour.  My almost dry washing was as wet as it had been when I hung it on the line. 

Since then I've learned a bit more about these nudges.   At a conference I was at one of the keynote speakers (a surgeon) spoke about the importance of listening to these intuitive knowings.  He cited examples of people who had been injured saying if they'd listened to their gut sense to duck,  they wouldn't have been injured.   Of people who said they had a gut sense to duck - if they hadn't they'd have been dead.   And he cited an example of an anaesthetist who had a dream which he ignored (much like me on my bike today)  of his equipment failing during surgery.   It turned out that that is exactly what happened the next day and the patient died.  Hmm,  listen to the nudges.

2.  You are a soul being, with so much support around you.  

Sometimes this support is wanting you to know something and these nudges are a form of communication to pay attention to.  

3.  Stages of change.

Sometimes a little relapse can help you revisit what is going on.  In this case for me, to reaffirm my commitment to listening and honouring the support so inherently around me. 

So next time you have a Neo Matrix Moment my advice to you is:

  • Take a moment to reflect.  Really.  Put everything aside for a moment and reflect.
  • Ask "what happened last time" (be it your dream,  premonition,  or in my case puncture repair)
  • Ask "what do I need to do differently to get a better outcome?"
  • Trust yourself and the responses you get.  It might be the difference between walking or cycling home.


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