It's time for the great remembering

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2020

The other day I was reading that when Albert Einstein was developing his theories, rather than use a chalkboard he used his imagination. He imagined what it would be like to travel at the speed of light, and wanted to know what the experience of riding a beam of light would be like.  Once he got this understanding he looked for an intuitive solution.

It was such a relief for me to hear this!  It resonated with so much of how I have learned so much of the information I have.  Stepping out of the intellectual expectation of how to approach something and into the knowing of a greater possibility, out of the brain understanding and into the feeling and intuitive.  I have found when I do that,  magic can unfold.

Sometimes these wonderings happen when I am meditating.  Other times they happen upon me.  It's as if the universe is saying here's an opening.  Would you like to take it?

One such bundle of awareness came several months ago.  I shared it with some of my mentoring groups and again today in a mastermind group I'm in.  In the mastermind we were sharing how some of the formulated marketing strategies feel inauthentic and how we are looking for people who are connected to a greater power and willing to work with that.  

The people in this group are incredible, well educated, scientifically aware and at the same time aligned with a deeper connection.  I figured if this group of amazing people from around the world are interested in this, then perhaps you might be too!

So here goes (I encourage you to put on your open to possibilities hat as you read)...

At one stage last year I was meditating on the question of what had lead to the break down of my marriage and where to from there.

As I meditated on this I was shown myself from before conception. The energy was incredibly Light, Loving, Supportive and Knowing. I was shown "me" making the decision to come into my life and part of what I wanted to do during this time as a human on Earth.

Then I was shown myself from conception just before the first cell division.  There were so many Beings and universal laws checking in, making sure that every gene was just so and that it was perfectly aligned to support everything I needed on this life journey.  The feeling of complete Love, Acceptance and Support was incredible and brought tears to my eyes.  

This process continued through every cell division until "I" (as the zygote) started to implant in the uterus.  All this time I was incredibly aware of myself as an expanded soul being, the laws and guides and other soul beings around, supporting me, and my purpose for being here.

Then an incredible Light energy waved over me saying "and now is the great forgetting".   Why I asked?   "Because if you remember who you are you won't be able to do what you came to do".

And with that I forgot - who I was, that I was (and am) so deeply Loved, supported and intentional.

I was then shown how from this "forgetting" perspective I looked to make meaning of who I was and the world around me. From my genetics and the collective energy around me 

I saw that I was female, and looking at the female energy looked to see what that meant.  Looking into the heritage on offer, I saw that meant intelligent, stifled, hurt, confused, loving, resentful, compassionate, capable, respected with boundaries, unheard.  It set up a confusing array of who I was and what I could be.  This formed the beginnings of the boundaries and glass ceilings I created for this life. 

Then in the meditation I saw the wave of energy that had said it was time to forget, return.  To me in the now.   And say "Its time for the great remembering".   With that, came the memory gently cascading through me of how loved I am, of me as a soul being.

And with it came the invitation to really embody who I am.  With all the Love, Support, Wisdom, Compassion, Courage, strength and gentleness that has always surrounded me.    Even when in the great forgetting I was unaware it was there.

Over the past few years I have been guided to receive activations to support my body to reach this point of really embodying who I am.  

If you are interested in learning about them hit reply and let me know.   I'd love to share what I have learned with you.   But equally I don't want to fill your inbox with this information if you are not yet ready for the great remembering.  

Much Love to you


* You Are The Universe by Deepak Chopra and Menas Kafatos

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