What's behind your desire to serve?

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2020

What cues can help you recognise when you have a belief or old programme that may no longer be serving you?   Or at least parts of the origin may no longer be the best option for you?  

When you are exploring  what creates a situation you (or someone you are helping)  would like to change there are lots of little hints and cues to watch out for.  

As we go through and explain these, you could use the example of a question someone asked me, to see what comes up for you.  As you read the question sit with it for a moment.  You may want to use the following hints as a guide. 

The question is:  How can I be more of me so it's automatic to be of service?

 Here are 5 steps that may help you feel into the question:

1.  What are you feeling when you hear / read/ think about / say a particular statement or idea?  Please avoid the social etiquette of replying "good" or "fine".   These can be a social cued response rather than an honest reply.  "No - one wants to hear how I really am;  or,  I didn't want to be a bother"  are beliefs that might be behind these statements of "good" or "fine".  

What I mean by what do you feel is where in your body are you feeling something? Do you hold your breath; get an ache or pain; get distracted; get tense; feel antsy;  need to scratch your nose?   Does your vision or hearing change?   All these things can be little signs on the road map to help you find what less helpful things have been running you.  

2.  What self talk emerges?  Notice the 2nd and 3rd layer of these thoughts.  Go deeper than your initial reaction.  Just stay with the feeling, like you are riding a wave.  

3.  You want to react straight away (obviously in an emergency get assistance), but if in general conversation, note what reactions you want to do.

4.  Pause even deeper.  Go into your expanded connection with Unconditional Love, Source Energy, Your Divine Power (whatever word you use to describe it) and ask: the part of me that is reacting - how old is it?  If it's a much younger you it may help to find out what that part needs.    Do you still want to be organised by your younger self and miss out on the wisdom and possibilites of you at your current age?  If no, it's great motivation to transform.

5. I can be very helpful to muscle test "I am (say your name)"  If you get a No, its a big hint to do a cleaning, zip up your energy and ask yourself where did you go?

So in response to the question?  Being of service is a beautiful attribute that you might be feeling drawn to do (or do on on a regular basis).

If it's coming from an authentic, enlightened space - go for it.  there's lots of evidence to show how powerful this is.

But if you are doing it out of fear, guilt, duty or some other attribute then consider sending love to whatever part of you is feeling squashed. 

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